How to sum time ranges in kibana

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I have a filed in logs which shows execution time in time format like hh:mm:as

In kibana, I would like to sum all of these and show under metric.

Log value is coming in DateTime format. Please help for the solution.

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In the "metrics" aggregation of your visualization, choose sum. Then pick the field that you want to sum.

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But under SUM, date fields are not coming. I need to Sum Bucket and choose date field. In this case, kibana is only doing sum for hours but not for minutes and seconds.

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Hi, any solution please ?

(Bryan Stuhlsatz) #5

I am assuming that you are wanting to add up the time to show how long something took to execute. You will need to have a field that converts the time to an integer. That integer needs to represent something like seconds, minutes, etc. Then in kibana, you can define that field as a duration field, and define what the input and output formats will be: milliseconds, seconds, minutes, etc). I believe there are some enhancement requests in so that the output format could look like a "time" format, like HH:mm:ss.

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