How to test ES cluster speedup

I'm looking for a technology able to index around 10000 documents (hashmap
of hashmaps with around 1000 key=value pairs each) per minute. I was making
some tests with elasticsearch, pure Lucene, modeshape.
While ES is my top candidate I need to be sure about it and I need a lot of
proves and results for management.

I'm not sure if I have my test cluster set up OK: the speed of indexing on
one node is the same or even better that with 4 different nodes connected
with gigabit network. How can set it up to make ES cluster work faster with
each node added? From documentation of ES it seems pretty simple to set up
cluster and it should be spreading the load across the cluster, but the
speed of indexing seems to be the same with my setting. I've created an
index with 4 shards and 4 replica shards across 4 servers. When indexing
starts all nodes have high IO and CPU loads, but total indexing time is not
better than with one node. Am I missing something?

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