How to transform data from sql server to elastic search through beats?


I need to transform data from sql server to elastic search. I did it through Logstash. Which beat i should use to transform data from sql server without using logstash

@manjur To do that we recommend Logstash and the JDBC inputs since you usually need to do more work on the data to ingest it in Elasticsearch correctly, Logstash data manipulations options and filters are well suited for that. Is there any reason why it doesn't work for you?

There was a community beat to interact with SQL, but I haven't used it.

logstash uses config file which will be different for different db connection. For example if we have 10 clients i have to give 10 config file for that. So is there any way to do this without config file?

You probably can use inline environment variable when starting Logstash and they will be replaced in the configuration.

USER="abc" bin/logstash -f myconfig.conf

Do i need to install any plugins for that?

@manjur No it should work out of the box.

thank you.. it worked

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