How to understand the “PUT /_mapping” API

Hi, everyone. I am confuse about these PUT mapping APIs in this Guide Document, and need some help :pray: :pray:

The Request APIs are:

PUT /<index>/_mapping
PUT /_mapping

About the path parameter <index>, it says that:

To update the mapping of all indices, omit this parameter or use a value of _all .

But when I tryed to do this:

PUT /_mapping
 "properties": {
     "test": {
         "type": "text"

I got a 405 error:

"error": "Incorrect HTTP method for uri [/_mapping?pretty] and method [PUT], allowed: [GET]",
"status": 405

So, is there anything wrong about the doc or I misunderstand the meaning?why the PUT /_mapping endpoint is not supported but the doc give this API? Can we truely omit the <index> parameter, just use PUT /_mapping to update the mapping of all indices?

Hope there is an answer ASAP! Thanks!

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