How to update elasticsearch index?

I have this output plugin in Logstash to create elastic search index.

output {
    amazon_es {
       hosts => [""]
       region => "ap-southeast-1"
       index => "studentservice-logs-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"

I want to update this index later because there will be some new fields added by mutate for some log messages.

How to update index ?

hi @volcano,

this seems more like a logstash question, so I will move this question there

As for adding new fields: you should be able to add a new field to an index at any time. afaik, I don't think logstash prevents you from doing this.

The configuration you are showing is the actual output-index though (?) Do you mean to change the elasticsearch-index itself?

My Issue is :

I have added new fields in logstash.conf file by the mutate filter But these new fields are not visible in Kibana index pattern. I have already refreshed Kibana index pattern but still it is not visible.

what to look at to fix this issue ?

is the _mapping of your index correctly updated as well?

ie. run GET localhost:9200/logstashindex/_mapping in Kibana dev-tools or in browser.

No.....Not updated.

I checked this
GET localhost:9200/logstashindex/_mapping in Kibana dev-tools

I dont see the new fields in the result.

what to do next ?

although I find the fields in debug mode and in stdout.

hmmm... it seems your fields are not added to the elasticsearch index.

Can you look at an example document? e.g. just do an _search against the index. Does that document contain the expected fields?

If that document does not contain the expected fields,, something is going wrong in the ingestion process..

_search against the index

 GET /service-logs-2020.01.05/_search
    "query": {
        "match_all" : { }

This does not also show new fields .

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