How to upgrade Elasticsearch 5.4.1 to ES 5.4.3

how to upgrade Elasticsearch 5.4.1 to ES 5.4.3 in ubuntu 16.04 , can anyone guide me with step by step,

Check out

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can you please guide me step by step

And is there any option like auto update option for ES or we have to do manual update/upgrade ??

Depends on the OS.

The documentation should be pretty clear but please let us know if you have specific questions.

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Look at the page describing the procedure for rolling upgrades.

im using ubuntu 16.04 in my server,and we are using ES 5.4.1
i need to upgrade ES to 5.4.3

do i have to use the curl command to upgarde?
Is there any option for auto upgrade?

There is no support for auto upgrade. What is the issue with using curl if you are on Ubuntu?

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actually i thought there will be a option for auto-upgrade..
:sweat_smile: Thank you so much

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