How to upgrade ES in Windows?

There is a manual
with some Disable shard allocation, Stop non-essential indexing, Shut down a single node... blah, blah, blah.

But where is the software info? How to rewrite existing copy with the new version? This manual says noting about software installation :frowning:

I just copied 'data' directory to new installation. Looks like this is the way.

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The upgrade guide that you point to provides details on how to upgrade depending on whether you

  1. can do a rolling upgrade
  2. need to perform a full cluster restart upgrade
  3. whether you need to reindex before upgrading.

Usually, the binaries of the new version are placed in a different directory to the existing version binaries, rather than overwrite them, with the new elasticsearch.yml pointed at the existing logs, data and config directories. How you get download those binaries, will depend on which distribution you're using such as RPM, Debian, zip, tar, MSI, etc. Both upgrade scenarios have a section on what to do, depending on the distribution you're using.

Thanks. This is most essential information during the upgrade yet it's scarecely mentioned somewhere in the text. Additional problem with that is that by default elasticsearch.yml has all commands inside disabled (even i running configuration).

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