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We are currently using Elasticsearch 7.16.2 and are now looking at the upgrade process to 7.16.3 and upwards.

When we initially installed Elasticsearch, we used the msi installers that were then available as we are using windows. This ‘defaulted’ the config/data/log files to the ProgramData folder, as opposed to residing in the Elasticsearch folder.

As the msi installer is no longer available what is the best way to now install Elasticsearch as we need to upgrade. Should we update the above registry keys to point to the config/data/logs directories now residing under the install directory?? Should we overwrite them in the current locations??

Thanks in advance

Hi @cobdeng ,

Welcome to the community! To upgrade from 7.16 to the latest (8.6) you need to upgrade to 7.17 first and then use the upgrade assistant from there. Looking at 7.17 installation steps it looks like Windows zip is the best way to install on Windows from the past releases page.

I'm not sure regarding the updating of registry keys, but hopefully someone will be able to share their experience there.

Appreciate your comment and know that we have to upgrade in steps

My issue is that because we used the installers the config files etc are not where they would be if we installed straight from the zip file

So what do we do for the upgrade?

You can define the path to your config using environment variable ES_PATH_CONF and others like path.data and path.logs can be configured in elasticsearch.yml itself. Please refer: Install Elasticsearch with .zip on Windows | Elasticsearch Guide [8.6] | Elastic

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