Ensuring folders data and config does not get overwritten when upgrading?

I am in the process of configuring a new ES server with Kibana and all the fixings. As per the configuration suggestions, I have changed the logs and data folders in the following way on Windows and will do the same in production:

%es_home% c:\elasticsearch\server\elasticsearch-5.0.2
path.data: %es_home%/../data # c:\elasticsearch\server\data
path.logs: %es_home%/../logs # c:\elasticsearch\server\logs

However my config is still located in %es_home%\config. It just makes sense to ensure the config files are retained when upgrading.

Now, moving onto Kibana - c:\elasticsearch\kibana I was thinking of doing the same: \kibana\data, \kibana\logs.

Should I do the same for all other ES-related components?


this depends solely on your upgrading process and not on the products being upgraded. If you are doing in-place upgrades of your zip files by just unzipping (which sounds manual and error prone and I'd try not to do that in production), then you are going to overwrite your configurations, which you likely dont want. If you are just copying certain paths, then everything might be fine. Taking a look at configuration management tools should help you regarding deployment.


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