How to use a saved search as a data source for timelion anlysis


i have a set of indexed data with the index format abcd-dd-mm-yy

i have as set of searches made on the index and saved them based on my productname.

while checking out the timelion i am able to extract the success scenario of the index for overall products, but can i add my searches also to the below query

.es(index=abcd-, timefield='@timestamp', metric='sum:Success').label('current week'),.es(offset=-1w,index=abcd-, timefield='@timestamp', metric='sum:Success').label('last week')

so can you please suggest how to add the saved search or the specific field (productname) into the query so that the data for the same can be analyzed

Many thanks in advance


using saved searches in timelion is currently not possible. The feature request to add this is #16826.


oh is there any way that i can search with in the query after index

Yes you can use the q (query) parameter to the .es function to specify a lucene query:

.es(q='county:NL', index=abcd-, ...)

fine will try out and get back @timroes thank you

thanks i tried the 'q' for my search :slight_smile:

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