How to use array variable in regex. Painless scripted field


How can I use an array value in a regex? Such as:

String returnValue = "";
String[] listarray;
listarray = new String[2];
listarray[0] = "Movies";
listarray[1] = "PG13";

for( int i = 0; i < listarray.size(); i ++ )
if (count =~ /${listarray[i]}/) {
returnValue += listarray;
returnValue += " ";

Many thanks!


What are you trying to accomplish exactly in that script? There might be a better/easier way to do it.
But from what I can see, this line:
if (count =~ /${listarray[i]}/) should be changed to if (count =~ /listarray[i]/)
and this line:
returnValue += listarray; should probably be returnValue += listarray[i];


I found an easier way to do it. Do you happen to know how I can use curl to save scripted fields?

Yes, this is how to add one to Kibana.

saving one is just doing the same and looking for the field name inside the JSON you get from cURL.

Thanks for the response.
Read the discussion. Since the index-pattern field value is a string and not an array, I cant update it with "source": "ctx._source.tags.add(params.tag)" by adding to the array. So what is the best way to update the field?

Is there a way to simply replace it with something like source": "ctx._source.fields = params.field"

Wait, are you trying to create more scripted fields from inside a scripted field?

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