How to use custom GeoIP2 database in elasticsearch?


I'm using dockerized elasticsearch7.3 on my local machine and I'm trying to use my GeoIP2-City.mmdb to add geoip info.

I've read the length and breadth of the official geoip processor description and I still can't manage to create a processor with custom geoip library.

I'm sending HTTP PUT request to

http://{{ elasticsearch_host }}:{{ elasticsearch_port }}/_ingest/pipeline/geoip

with data:

  "description" : "Add geoip info",
  "processors" : [
      "geoip" : {
        "field" : "ip",
        "target_field" : "geo",
        "database_file" : "GeoIP2-City.mmdb"

And getting the following error:

  "error": {
    "root_cause": [
        "type": "parse_exception",
        "reason": "[database_file] database file [GeoIP2-City.mmdb] doesn't exist",
        "property_name": "database_file",
        "processor_type": "geoip"
    "type": "parse_exception",
    "reason": "[database_file] database file [GeoIP2-City.mmdb] doesn't exist",
    "property_name": "database_file",
    "processor_type": "geoip"
  "status": 400

However if I try to create pipeline with database_file field set to the name of any shipped libraries (ex. GeoLite2-City.mmdb), the pipeline is created successful.

What I've done until now:

  1. Created Dockerfile for elasticsearch:

     ARG ES_VERSION=7.3.0
     # Here I copy the Geoip library and set the same ownership
     # as other geoip lite libraries have.
     COPY ./libs/GeoIP2-City.mmdb /usr/share/elasticsearch/modules/ingest-geoip/GeoIP2-City.mmdb
     RUN chown elasticsearch:root /usr/share/elasticsearch/modules/ingest-geoip/GeoIP2-City.mmdb

    Here I've supposed that mentioned in docs $ES_CONFIG/ingest-geoip is the /usr/share/elasticsearch/modules/ingest-geoip (also I've tried /usr/share/elasticsearch/config/ingest-geoip) because there are absolutely no mentions in docs about the $ES_CONFIG variable.

  2. Starting elasticsearch as a service via docker-compose:

         context: ./elasticsearch
         dockerfile: Dockerfile
           ES_VERSION: 7.3.0
       network_mode: host
         - ./elasticsearch/
         - ./data/elastic:/usr/share/elasticsearch/data

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.


see this snippet from the geoip processor docs at

The geoip processor can run with other GeoIP2 databases from Maxmind. The files must be copied into the ingest-geoip config directory, and the database_file option should be used to specify the filename of the custom database. Custom database files must be stored uncompressed. The ingest-geoip config directory is located at $ES_CONFIG/ingest-geoip .

It does not look as if the file has been copied into the config directory in your docker file.

Hi! Thanks for your response!

I don't know where the config directory is exactly located (the regular /etc/elasticsearch does not exist inside the elastcisearch container, the $ES_CONFIG is not set) that's why I've tried to copy the database inside the directories:

  • /usr/share/elasticsearch/modules/ingest-geoip/
  • /usr/share/elasticsearch/config/ingest-geoip/
  • /usr/share/elasticsearch/config/
  • /etc/elasticsearch/ingest-geoip/

None of those worked. Any ideas?

/usr/share/elasticsearch/config/ingest-geoip sounds good to me. can you share your dockerfile in a gist in order to reproduce?

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