How to use DSL to drill down query string message body

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Hello guys, I am new here an fairly new to actually using Kibana for searching data and creating visualization board.

I am tasked to Query logs to find out is a sessionID is in plaintext, I am running into problem creating a query that will do just that.

As the sessionID is located in a field called message which has numerous of fields.

The first thing i need to do is to get a handle on the sessionID field in the message body then I need to check if the field is Plaintext vs Ciphertext which also poses a problem.

  1. How do I drilled down to match a specific field with a message body ?
  2. How would a check the value to see if the value is displaying plaintext ?

(Brandon Kobel) #2

Hey @divine, how are you currently ingesting your data into Elasticsearch? Generally, you'll want to extract the these fields on ingest time, and perform any computationally complex calculations then.

If re-ingesting your data isn't possible, you can use Kibana scripted fields to do so on query time.

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