How to use filebeat to collect particular kind of .log file from different hosts and display the result inside it for each host on Kibana dashboard?

I want to use filebeat to collect a particular kind of logs from different machines and send those to my kibana-elasticsearch host. Eg. Installation logs of a particular component from all machines, stating if installation is successful or not, how can I display it on kibana?
Can anybody help me with the configuration of filebeat wrt my scenario ?

I am using Kibana, Elasticsearch and metricbeats 6.3.2.

@Swati_Singh You could use the document_type tagging in the filebeat. If this is used with logstash, you could create filters based on the types and do selective ingest to elasticsearch.

Give the type definition in filebeat as below

  • input_type: log
    document_type: gclog

with the logstash configuration as below:
if [type] == "gclog" {

Is it possible to achieve it using elasticsearch itself? I am a beginner in ELK. :slight_smile: Your support will be appreciated.

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