How to use Google Maps with Kibana 4.4.2

(Miguel Bessa) #1

Hello everyone,

The version 4.4.2 of Kibana support tile map, but when I create a new visualization of this type a get an error: "As of July 11 2016, direct tile access has been discontinued".

I think replace the MapQuest maps to Google Maps.

Someone can help me to aply Google Maps on Kibana tile maps? It is a possible solution?

Thanks for help,

Best Regards.

(Matt Bargar) #2

Hi @Miguel_Bessa, if you update to the latest version of Kibana 4 or 5 you'll automatically get access to the Elastic Tile Service which we created to replace MapQuest after they shut off access to their API.

(Miguel Bessa) #3

Thank you @Bargs. I did the upgrade and solve the problem.

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