How to use json input field?

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I got a metric with various SUM of bytes. Now I want to use the json input field to separate the SUM per subnet (e.g. 192..., 172...) .

However I have no clue how the json format is supposed to look. The documentation is no help at all.

How can I create a json search that searches for 192.168.0.*?

edit: something like {"dst_addr":"192.168.0.*"} just results in errors.

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I don't think you want to use the JSON input to do the separation. You probably want to use a "Split Group" bucket aggregation to define the groups/buckets that you want "sum of bytes" aggregation to be calculated in.

Since it seems you want to group by an IPv4 address I recommend using the "IPv4 Range" bucket aggregation and then define the address ranges that you want represented on the dst_addr field. If you're comfortable with CIDR masks, you can use those too.

My data is a little different from yours, so I used different ranges, but this is what I did to split the metric by IP range:

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Thanks. I don't have my fields configured for the IP type though. Can't remember why I didn't do that. The IP field type does support wildcard searches? Some of my dashboards rely on being able to do something like 192.168.0.*.

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I’m not 100% sure you can use wildcards but you can use CIDR notation, so you could write Which roughly translates to 192.168.0.*

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