Using JSON Input in a vizualisation to create my own range aggregation

Hello everyone,

I try to make a range aggregation only on a precise part of a text field (in bold in the exampe below).

The field looks like this :
message_log: "::1:59882||Upload||efd_prel||D083748||PM011||R|| 0,1092014 ||OK||Validation des propriétés"

Unfortunately, I can't change this field. The company wants it to be that way.
I was asked to use the bold part (here : ||0,1092014|| ) which is a response Time in second, to make a range aggregation on a visualization.

The idea would be to make a range from 0 to 2, like this :

I was trying to do it with the JSON Input part, but I can't understand how to do it (and is it even possible ?)

Any idea if I can achieve this ?

Range aggregation can only be applied to fields that are mapped as numbers.

You will need to extract the response time into its own field during indexing. Then you can use the range aggregation like the below example.


Hello Nathan, thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately, i can't change the mapping either, so I can't add another field in the mapping of my index.

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