How to Use .Net Agent with Sharepoint on Win Svr 2019

Hi there

I'm new to Elastic APM and I'm using ELK and App server 7.7. I've managed to get APM to talk to ELK.

I'm tasked to install APM agent on my Sharepoint server running on Windows Svr 2019. Sharepoint Web and Application components are running on 1 server with SQL Svr 2016 installed on another server.

I've browsed thru elastic doc and I find documentation on .Net agent very generic and sparse and seem to assume I'm fairly proficient with .NET apps. I did not find anything to tell me exactly how to handle Sharepoint.

Is elastic.apm package the right one to use or is it one of the other packages? I don't know. :tired_face:

Can anyone pls assist me? Any step by step instruction will be really helpful. Thanks.


Hi CK!

We recommend deploying .NET APM agent together with your application, this way it becomes one of the modules of the application, responsible for collecting and reporting performance traces.

In case you SharePoint application is an IIS web app and is using .NET Framework 4.6.1+, you would need to also add ASP.NET Module as explained here:

Please, confirm the .NET version before adding a module, as .NET Core would need a different package.


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