How to use Port 443 for Logstash and Filebeat? ELK Stack 7.1


I want to send my filebeat data using port 443 to logstash. However, I didn't receive any data to my elasticsearch. Any help please?

Below is my configuration.


# The Logstash hosts
hosts: ["123.456.89.0:443"]

# Optional SSL. By default is off.
# List of root certificates for HTTPS server verifications
ssl.certificate_authorities: ["/etc/logstash/elk.crt"]


input {
        beats {
                port => 443
                ssl => true
                ssl_certificate => "/etc/logstash/elk.crt"
                ssl_key => "/etc/logstash/elk.key"

443 is a restricted port so not any user can listen to it. Have you checked that Logstash is starting up without errors?

As 443 is usually reserved for HTTPS traffic and the beats protocol is not HTTP based, I would recommend using some other port.

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