How to use regex function on kibana for Ordered Search / match multiple keyword(sentence)?

Hi, Sorry i'm beginner in kibana. I will ask something about search, and will this work on kibana?

I want to use the regex function with the goal to order search / matching 2 sentences or maybe more in just 1 field.
I have data like this :

"DE:--GETRIEBE--R 63 B/4--66101----Elmo----0,18 KW
0,25, HP
1500 RPM
380 V
0,7A Clase B S43
1400 K----FALSE-----------------EN:---------------------------------------SP:------------MOTORREDUCTOR PARA LIMPIADOR RECOLECTOR DE POLVOS--R 63 B/4--66102----Elmo-------------------PT:------------------------"

And i use regex :


With the Goal of finding 3 sentences (HP, RPM, Clase) in sequence, if they are not ordered there will be no results.
I tried running it on the regex test builder and it worked, but when I used it on kibana search it didn't work.


Is there something wrong with this? or maybe someone missed? And does the case above work on Kibana Search?

Please help and I am grateful for that

Hello @nagmawan

Your screenshots are a bit small for me to read. That said - try working incrementally with the regex instead of trying it all at once. As you may know, there are different versions of regex.

The other thing you might try is parsing this data at ingest to make it easier to query.

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