How to use regex function on kibana for Ordered Search / match multiple keyword(sentence)

Hi, Sorry i'm beginner in kibana. I will ask something about search, and will this work on kibana?

I want to use the regex function with the goal to order search / matching 2 sentences or maybe more in just 1 field.
I have data like this :

"DE:--GETRIEBE--R 63 B/4--66101----Elmo----0,18 KW
0,25, HP
1500 RPM
380 V
0,7A Clase B S43
1400 K----FALSE-----------------EN:---------------------------------------SP:------------MOTORREDUCTOR PARA LIMPIADOR RECOLECTOR DE POLVOS--R 63 B/4--66102----Elmo-------------------PT:------------------------"

And i use regex :

Example : HP(.|\n)*RPM(.|\n)*Clase

With the Goal of finding 3 sentences (HP, RPM, Clase) in sequence, if they are not ordered there will be no results.
I tried running it on the regex test builder and it worked, but when I used it on kibana search it didn't work.

Is there something wrong with this? or maybe someone missed? And does the case above work on Kibana Search?

Please help and I am grateful for that

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If you go to Discover and click "Add filter", then "Edit as Query DSL" you should be able to put the query there.

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HI @tylersmalley .

Sorry, I tried it but it doesn't work.

I use the sentence "ANTRIEBSRIEMEN" to match the value

"query": {
"regexp": {
"Fulltext__c": {
"value": "ANTRIEBSRIEMEN.*",
"flags" : "ALL"

Even though if we check for the available value :

Is there still something missing? and are there any special adjustments to that?
And for the example that you gave, it still only uses 1 sentence, does it work if you use 2 or more sentences?

Example : New.*York.*xxxxx.*xxxxx

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