How to use Scroll in Rails/Ruby to get more than 10,000 records?

I need to search in my 25,000 records. But elasticsearch allow only 10,000 (from and size is the same). How can I make search and get results more than 10,000?
There is scroll api, but I don't understand how to use it.
EXAMPLE: result ='red',{scroll: '5m'}) .records
How to iterate after it?

Have a look at

You can optionally modify index.max_result_window index settings to 25000 if you really need it.
But this comes with a memory pressure price. See

As the documentation says, you can use:

About your question about scroll, the documentation I just linked to describes how it works. Is there anything unclear in it?

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In Rails (elasticsearch-rails):

products = []
after = 0
loop do
  query = {
    size: query_size,
    query: {
      multi_match: {
        query: "black",
        fields: [ "description", "title", "information", "params" ]
    search_after: [after],
    sort: [ {id: "asc"} ]
  results =
  results_amount = results.size
  products += results
  after += 10000

  break if results_amount == 0

Thank you! search_after documentation is what I was needed.

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