How to use third-party angular component in kibana/dashboard

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for example, I wanna use angular-xeditable in dashboard_listing.js, what should I do?

PS: dashboard_listing.js located at src/core_plugins/kibana/public/dashboard/listing/dashboard_listing.js

I tried below but failed with Unknown provider: xeditableProvider <- xeditable

import 'angular-xeditable/dist/css/xeditable.min.css';
import 'angular-xeditable/dist/js/xeditable.min';


modules.get('kibana', ['xeditable']).run(Notifier.pullMessageFromUrl);



export function DashboardListingController($injector, $scope) {
  const $filter = $injector.get('$filter');
  const confirmModal = $injector.get('confirmModal');
  const xeditable = $injector.get('xeditable'); //error here

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We don't recommend forking and modifying the code directly as it makes upgrades painful. What are you trying to achieve with xeditable? If Kibana is missing some functionality, filing a github issue might be a good route, or alternatively, if it's very specific functionality you are looking for, writing a plugin might be another avenue to explore.

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change is under control, I wanna know why cannot inject third-party angular component

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