How to use third-party angular component in kibana/dashboard

for example, I wanna use angular-xeditable in dashboard_listing.js, what should I do?

PS: dashboard_listing.js located at src/core_plugins/kibana/public/dashboard/listing/dashboard_listing.js

I tried below but failed with Unknown provider: xeditableProvider <- xeditable

import 'angular-xeditable/dist/css/xeditable.min.css';
import 'angular-xeditable/dist/js/xeditable.min';


modules.get('kibana', ['xeditable']).run(Notifier.pullMessageFromUrl);



export function DashboardListingController($injector, $scope) {
  const $filter = $injector.get('$filter');
  const confirmModal = $injector.get('confirmModal');
  const xeditable = $injector.get('xeditable'); //error here

We don't recommend forking and modifying the code directly as it makes upgrades painful. What are you trying to achieve with xeditable? If Kibana is missing some functionality, filing a github issue might be a good route, or alternatively, if it's very specific functionality you are looking for, writing a plugin might be another avenue to explore.

change is under control, I wanna know why cannot inject third-party angular component

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