How to use VPC endpoints for Amazon SQS (AWS PrivateLink) in SQS input plugin


To minimise run cost in AWS, I would like to fetch SQS messages from logstash sqs input plugin without requiring an internet gateway.

AWS customers can now access Amazon SQS using VPC endpoints, without using public IPs and without needing to traverse the public internet.
VPC endpoints for Amazon SQS are powered by AWS PrivateLink that enables you to privately connect to your SQS queues.

I would like to declare this VPC endpoint in the sqs input section of my logstash configuration file via the endpoint parameter.

I tried with something equivalent to this but it failed:

input {
sqs {
queue = "my-queue-name"
region = "eu-west-1"
endpoint = ""

Is there a possibility to declare this endpoint with the actual release of the SQS input plugin ?

I did the test with logstash 6.5.4

Thanks for any advice,

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