How to Validate this property system.socket.direction from system?

netstat info

netstat | wc -l


and Kibana UI attached.
kibana ui

Please help me understand, How Can I validate the information shown by Kibana from System

OS: CentOS 7.x
Kibana: 6.4
ES: 6.4

You could export the data to CSV and try building a similiar chart in a spread sheet. To export the data to CSV, got to the Discover app and create a search that contains the expected data. Then click the reporting top nav and follow the instructions

Thanks @Nathan_Reese

My Concern is,
When I am seeing outgoing+incoming from Chart, it is showing 37+32=69 (at 5thSep 12:33)
But, at the same time, if I am running below command on centOs (from which metric beat is collecting data):
command--> # netstat | wc -l
output--> # 502

502 is not matching 69 from the chart.

Am i firing the right command at centOS to validate the stat for Kibana?
Please guide me.

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