How to view docs.deleted data

Hi All,
In my elastic cluster, I see there are some records in docs.deleted for some of the indices, and I am not sure how to find out who deleted the docs?
My 3 node elastic cluster version is 7.16.1 and it is Not an enterprise version, and we are using a free opensource version.

I tried enabling in elastic config on all nodes and restarted cluster, and manually deleted records to check if its getting logged, but its not writing anything in the audit log file.

Is the auditing feature is available ONLY on the enterprise version?

Can anyone please help me how to find out the docs.deleted data?

The audit log feature requires a platinum or higher license.

That is not possible. Be aware that updates show up as a index and a delete, so it is not becessary that any documents have been deleted.

Thank you Christian for your response.

Okay. Noted.

Okay, so do you mean that if same document when indexed again, will result as updates, and it will do a delete and index That document again? Is my understanding correct?

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