How to view file content

I would like to know what is written inside the Elasticsearch data directory file. Is there a tool available to view the file content? thanks

Hi @min_liu Welcome to the community.

No, there is no tool to read the contents of the files and data inside the elastic data directory.

Warning. Do not touch, change, move or alter any of those files or you are at risk of corrupting your data and rendering your cluster unusable.

So the question is what are you trying to accomplish? What do you want to see?

What is written is all the indices data along with the indices that are used to manage the elastic cluster. By design this is opaque to the user, it is mostly binary.

Thank you, just out of curiosity and exploration, I want to better understand how to implement them, reading the source code is very helpful to me

Here is the public repo

And Elastic Search using Lucene under the covers

Thank you, I know this

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