What Does The Various Data Files Mean?

Hi All,

I'm new to Elasticsearch and this is my first time posting here, so apologies if I'm doing something incorrectly.
Looking in the data directory, I see that there are lot of types of data files such as cfs, cfe, dvd etc.
Can someone assist me in understanding what each file is used for or guide me to a documentation/blog on this subject?
Also, if I see a lot of files of the same type, should this raise an alarm for me about the node's performance or is this normal? Is there a tool that I can use to explore these files from within the file system or should I only use the API?


From a user perspective there is nothing to worry about, as Lucene will figure out things automatically. If you are interested what the fields are for, the Apache Lucene documentation is a great start:

Got it!
Thanks a lot @spinscale :slight_smile:

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