How to view remote clusters index metadata

Hi Team,

I have a 3 clustesr setup like below


I added a & b as a remote clusters in cluster-query to search the data from query cluster kibana.

Now i want to get the index mapping of cluster-a/cluster-b from cluster-query which is not working as from cluster-query only index search is working for the remote clusters.

Could some one help me is there any additional setup i need to do to get the remote clusters index metadata


Can you clarify what you mean by "cluster-query" please?

Hi warkolm,

cluster-query is nothing but one of the ELK cluster but i am using this cluster Kibana to get the data of cluster-a and cluster-b indexes like creating the index patterns cluster-a:my-index-001

but here only search API is working like GET cluster-a:my-index-001/_search, but i am looking how to execute GET cluster-a:my-index-001/_mappings API as well


Are you using CCS?

I have added remote cluster end points like localhost:9300 in kibana and using it.. CCS means ( Cross Cluster Search ) i think yes i am using this

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