How to visualize objects in a Data Table


I am new to ElasticStack and I am having a problem in representing this data. I have an "object" with three fields, name, most_common_difference and missing_value_difference, and I would like to make a table in which it would be seen on one side:

name most_common_difference
name_1 0.012
name_2 0.014

And on the other side:

name missing_value_difference
name_1 0.011
name_2 0.024

When I look at the data in discover, , it is in array form:

If I do a query with the devtools, they look like this:

Is there any way to represent this data in the way I am looking for?

Thank you for the inconvenience

No, because Elasticsearch is only indexing your data in the flattened form you see in Discover. If you want to retain the relationship between the name and difference values, the best supported way is to index each item in this array as a separate document


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