How to visualize sibling aggregations?

insert sample data like this:

get the desired output using sibling aggregations like this:

sample firing alerts output:

Now, how would I visualize that output?
When I see non-trivial aggregations, I think time series visual builder.
But notice that the output is not a time series.

Other than using Vega is there a way to visualize the output of my query inside Kibana?
Or must I use something like Vega or Javascript to visualize my aggregations output?

@anelson-edge unfortunately the standard "data table" visualization doesn't support the bucket_script aggregation and we're tracking support for this here. If you can give this a +1, it'll help us prioritize it appropriately.

We can get most of the way there using a standard data-table visualization:

Unfortunately, if you need a bucket-script aggregation and aren't using time series data, I don't know of a way outside of Vega to get you what you're looking for.

Well, the data is time series, but I only want the last event (based on the timestamp) for any given alert (alert-key).
And then I only want those last events if the last event is in the firing state.
I think it's a builtin assumption to "Time Series" Visual Builder that I have a time-series for the output (not just the input). :slight_smile:

That said, I did learn a new trick from your "most of the way there" example.
Thank you for responding.

I will learn some more Vega, but unfortunately there are known issues with the Kibana Vega integration (no scrollbars, no vega 5 support yet) that make Vega not quite perfect.

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