How to write compound queries on kibana to search multi records of logs

Hi team,

I am currently sending my MTAs' /var/log/maillog files to a centralized Elastic Stack Log Analyser. I am using Elastic Stack version 7.X.

I have got a requirement to search set of message ids which look like message-id=<20210411134224.6E07810002DB5@mydomain against their delivery status.

This is happening if I take each message-id individually and get its Queue Id in that MTA and check the delivery status against that Queue Id. But this entire process requires 2 queries for each message id.

Is it possible to check the delivery status of the message ids in a given duration of time with one single compound query or any other means?

The requirement for the compound query is in Kibana Discovery, Visualization and Dashboards

This is not possible in a single query in Kibana, but what you could do is using our transform solution, to create a summarized index containing the delivery status of each message id:


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