How to write in query

I want to write this mysql query on my ES.

select c.* , as createrName,cj.job_title as Jobtitle,u.avathar,u.avatar_color, as createrEmail from candidates as c inner join candidate_jobs as cj on cj.candidate_id = inner join users as u on c.created_by = where cj.job_id = 1 and owner in (1) and c.source_tags like "% nikhil mishra%"or c.source_tags like "%LinkedIn%" and source in (2) and c.tags like "%java%"or c.tags like "%html%" and c.status = "active" And c.candidate_tab = "Lead" group by ORDER BY last_updated_date DESC

This query seems to contain a few joins. Unfortunately Elasticsearch does not support joins, so you will need to restructure your data in a way that allows it to be queried.

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