How we can create custom filter plugin in logstash?

Hello Folks,

I am using logstash 5.6.3 and I have written python script for parsing the some part of logs. i want to call this script from filter section of logstash.

I look around almost all the ways to look into it. i found a basic template structure to create plugin in logstash.

but it will create directory structure only for plugins. I am facing challenge to install dependency regarding this.

So i have following questions:

  1. how we can define the dependency in plugins and where i have to register those dependency entry ?
  2. how we can test this with logstash base functionality ?
  3. how to build final gem file to install this plugin into logstash ?

I will appreciate if someone can share some sample in this scenario.

I think you'll answers to most of your questions in

  1. The .gemspec file lists dependencies.
  2. Write specs for the plugin? Or install the plugin and try it out? I'm not sure I understand the question.
  3. gem build logstash-filter-whatever.gemspec

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