How will i know that elasticsearch has crashed or stopped working?

i have few questions in mind,

  1. Is there way to get notified if elasticsearch crashes or stops working ?

  2. is there system in place to auto start elasticsearch if it crashes ? just like in mysql ?

  3. can i start elasticsearch and forget about it ? its been running from last 4 days without any issues.
    i mean, i can rest in peace knowing that website searches are working properly ?

  4. or does it need regular/constant monitoring ?
    if yes, then what type of monitoring ?

right now i am monitoring from kibana > monitoring > indices > my_index

Thanks for your time
have a great day ahead.

Do you monitor other systems you have in place? This isn't a question specific to Elasticsearch :slight_smile:

i monitor site uptime using pingdom, aka nginx , phpfpm

mysql has auto restart after crash.


You can call HOST:9200 and that will tell you if that host is running Elasticsearch properly.
You can also use things like

There's no way to auto restart it though.

Thank you, that will work.,

checking if curl request to 9200 comes back positive and do accordingly.

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