Hsbeats compile error on debian


i have a debian 7 and tried to compile the hsbeat with go 1.6 as described on the hsbeat-page.

go get github.com/YaSuenag/hsbeat

This statement fails with:
# github.com/YaSuenag/hsbeat/hsbeat
.go/src/github.com/YaSuenag/hsbeat/hsbeat/hsbeat.go:130: b.Events undefined (type *beat.Beat has no field or method Events)
.go/src/github.com/YaSuenag/hsbeat/hsbeat/hsbeat.go:188: b.Events undefined (type *beat.Beat has no field or method Events)

What could be the reason of this problem and how do I fix it.


It looks like the hsbeat project is not vendoring its dependencies and this is causing the problem you are seeing.

When you try to build the project it is pulling down the latest version of libbeat, but the project was written against an older version of libbeat. You can work-around the issue by checking out an older commit of the beats project. It looks like the last commit of hsbeats was from Feb 25, so maybe try using a commit from beats from that time.

Ideally the author of hsbeats would vendor the project's dependencies so you don't have to guess about what versions of dependencies to use.

Thanks. I will try that, and also try to talk to the author of the plugin.

I added a comment to HSBeat issue to resolve this problem.

I think this is libbeat problem.
HEAD in beats master branch is for v5.0.0 . It seems not to be compatibility from v1.2 (current release).