HTTP Header in Webhook Connectors dont save (Alerts and Actions KIbana)

Hello gentlemen,
When creating a webhook connector in Kibana in alerts and actions I check the option to add a header and after I click on save, but when I go back in the connector the header disappears and it doesn't look like it's configured.
See the attached print. And with that I don't have the proper functioning.

Creating e Save

After in edit mode the header appears that has not been configured, but I did and saved it

What to do in this case?

Hi Guilherme,
Welcome to the community, I'm sorry you've encountered this issue.
Might I ask what version of Kibana you're running?

I will concede that the UX in "Add HTTP header" might be a little unintuitive.

When a header is saved it should appear under that field, like this:

All switching that field on does is display/hide the fields for adding an additional header, so the fact that it is switched off doesn't indicate anything.
That said, it does appear like your headers weren't saved, which might be a bug, but I haven't been able to reproduce it locally.

Have you tried executing this action by attaching it to an Alert? This could help you verify that it hasn't in fact saved the headers.
If so, could you look in the browser's console and see if any errors are displayed when you try to add additional headers?

I noticed that in version 7.9.2 it is saving and displaying (I used 7.7.1), but I will still test if the headers are passing in the call. I will perform the tests and report here.

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