HTTPS in elastic

Hi! I wanted to know what does elastic mean in this page:
when they say:

[1-1] Configure /etc/hosts file

For this example our node1 has a browser installed, so kibana.local will allow access to the Kibana web page.

#/etc/hosts file for [node1] (we need kibana.local and logstash.local) kibana.local logstash.local node1 node2

What is kibana.local and elastic.local? I am really lost there, if someone knows please tell me!

By the way, I am in a Wndows system and this is explained in a linux system,


This is just setting aliases for the hostnames kibana.local , logstash.local to point to the localhost itself so that you i.e. can access http://kibana.local:5601 in your browser, instead of http://localhost:5601 or . This is neither necessary nor necessarily a best practice for all use cases.

Blog posts usually explain a very specific use case in an easy and consumable manner, but if you don't have the same goals or environments, you are much better off with reading our documentation than trying to half-follow a blog post where many things do not apply to you.

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