I believe I've found a bug in ES 6.1.1

Hi all, I believe I may have stumbled upon a bug in ElasticSearch 6.1.1 - I don't know for sure but all signs point to it - I am running a query that searches with full-text and then creating some aggregations for faceted browsing. I was trying to combine the facets filtered and unfiltered in order to allow customers to select multiple facets for filtering. I've detailed the whole thing on this StackOverflow question.

After someone else indexed my data in ES 6.4 and ran my query, the results came out correctly. That led me to install ES 6.5 and reindex my data and alas! It works perfectly there too!

Now, I find it hard to believe that a stable version has a bug on a seemingly important feature (filtered aggregations against nested objects), but I thought I'd post it anyway, just in case!

Thanks for the report. It's possible. Elasticsearch goes through fairly extensive tests on a continuous basis, and doubly so before a release, but sometimes features interact in unexpected ways that slip through the net.

We can't fix a version that's already released, and you report that it's not an issue in more recent releases, so it seems there's nothing more to do here. If it was a bug and is now fixed then we will have written another test to make sure it stays fixed.

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