I can't recoverd my cluster of elasticsearch on dev in 7.17

I have a cluster, that statu is yellow
.security-7 is UNASSIGNED
when i use this order _cluster/allocation/explain I encounter this error and i don't know how to do

Some one can help me PLZ

7.10.17 is EOL and no longer supported. Please upgrade ASAP.

(This is an automated response from your friendly Elastic bot. Please report this post if you have any suggestions or concerns :elasticheart: )

my system log like this
[2023-06-26T15:43:15,751][WARN ][o.e.c.r.a.AllocationService] [dev-master] failing shard [failed shard, shard [.security-7][0], node[VuxSMWDzS5WIhMhdFzVsPQ], [R], recovery_source[peer recovery], s[INITIALIZING], a[id=aeqJdnIVS-GrvCTWtu1gbw], unassigned_info[[reason=ALLOCATION_FAILED], at[2023-06-26T07:43:14.968Z], failed_attempts[4], failed_nodes[[VuxSMWDzS5WIhMhdFzVsPQ]], delayed=false, details[failed shard on node [VuxSMWDzS5WIhMhdFzVsPQ]: failed to create index, failure IllegalArgumentException[Unknown filter type [pattern_capture] for [email]]], allocation_status[no_attempt]], message [failed to create index], failure [IllegalArgumentException[Unknown filter type [pattern_capture] for [email]]], markAsStale [true]]

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