I don't see recent logs in Kibana

I am new to Elasticsearch. I am using a 5.6.8 version of Elasticsearch and data comes from Mesos to Elasticsearch. Everything went well in setting up ELK stack but somehow I am not able to see recent logs in Kibana. I am able to see old logs but not recent like 15m-4h.

Can some help me in fixing the issue.?

Manoj Kumar

If you are just setting up a cluster, why are you using such an old version that is already EOL? Clients are only able to index into Elasticsearch as fast as it can accept data. Have you checked whether Elasticsearch is the bottleneck? What does CPU usage, disk I/O and disk utilization look like? What type of hardware have you deployed Elasticsearch on? Do you see data being indexed into Elasticsearch if you look at the indexed document count and index size?

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