I have a ELK Cluster 7.17.3 and I have installed bundled JDK 18+36.. if i need to upgrade JDK to higher version is it compatible with my 7.17.3 version

Hi All,

I have a ELK Stack 7.17.3 installed on a Windows 2019 server with bundled JDK 18 +36 .
Since there is a vulnerability in JDK 18, can i upgrade the jdk to open jdk 18.0.1 will this impact my ELK Stack .

We recommend you stick to the bundled version, so you should upgrade the whole stack to pick up the newer JDK.

Note that vulnerabilities in dependencies are only relevant if Elasticsearch uses the vulnerable feature in the dependency, which it often doesn't. See this page for known vulnerabilities (including those in dependencies) and for instructions about how to report a new vulnerability.

ok thanks for your response..

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