I have issues with "ctx.payload.hits.total": null

"My Watcher results is the next, i dont know what does it mean."

"condition": {
"type": "compare",
"status": "success",
"met": false,
"compare": {
"resolved_values": {
"ctx.payload.hits.total": null

please take your time to explain your problem a bit more in detail. It is impossible to understand what you are after here. What I interpreted out of that is that ctx.payload.hits.total is null, but you do not expect it to be null. This could be because the field you are searching for is ctx.payload.hits.total.value but this is is just a guess and depends on the watch and how it is configured. Sharing the whole watch, plus your intent, plus the full output of the Execute Watch API would help a lot.

See https://www.elastic.co/help

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