I want authentication only for ES, not Kibana dashboards

I am using ES, logstash and Kibana and I want to be able to put an embedded kibana dashboard on my webpage without authentication. But at the same time I want my ES to have a password.

I installed X-pack to ES and now i have to write usrname and password to access ES. I did not install X-pack to kibana but I am still forced to authenticate myself. What should I change?

It looks like two have two main options, though others may exist.

Option 1: Configure anonymous access, so that Kibana can access ES without a username/password. You can choose what roles and level of access the anonymous users should get https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/x-pack/current/anonymous-access.html

Option 2: If you don't want to enable anonymous access in ES, but you do want anonymous access via Kibana, you can have Kibana send authentication headers with each request, using the kibana.yml setting elasticsearch.customHeaders to set the basic auth headers for the user you want requests to be run as.


What should I put in elasticsearch.customHeader {} ???
I tried {elasticsearch.username: "", elasticsearch.password: ""} but did not seem to work

You'll need to specify the HTTP Basic Auth header:

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