I want to send this log in json without logstash

Hello Everyone

I have following log sample data I want send this log as json in Elasticsearch without using logstash
any one having Idea ?

sample logs

"TableName": "CouponProducts","SchemaName": "dbo","RowCounts": "57773314","TotalSpaceKB": "2247376","UsedSpaceMB": "2188.51","UsedSpaceKB": "2241032","UnusedSpaceKB": "6344","UnusedSpaceMB": "6.20","Date": "Friday 04-29-2022"

If this is a one time thing you can use Dev Tools in Kibana.

  "TableName": "CouponProducts",
  "SchemaName": "dbo",
  "RowCounts": "57773314",
  "TotalSpaceKB": "2247376",
  "UsedSpaceMB": "2188.51",
  "UsedSpaceKB": "2241032",
  "UnusedSpaceKB": "6344",
  "UnusedSpaceMB": "6.20",
  "Date": "Friday 04-29-2022"

Filebeat can read json too: Log input | Filebeat Reference [8.2] | Elastic


This not one time this logs is coming in to another system i am downloading and sending to Elasticsearch but i don't want to use Logstash in the middle is there anyway to update logs.

Hi @dharminfadia

you need filebeat as stated by @rugenl

Hi @ibra_013

Thank you for reply this is genrating a file as csv in server system I don't want to install any software I can run and script using defualt pipeline and can achive this any one suggest ??

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