ICU analysis plugin with elasticsearch 1.7.1

i am trying to use icu analysis 2.7.0 with elasticsearch 1.7.1
every time i try to run analyze API on a field i get the following error
"error":"NoClassDefFoundError[Could not initialize class]","status":500}

There is no log about this in the logs.
My analyzer settings are
"tokenized" : {
"type" : "custom",
"filter" : [
"tokenizer" : "icu_tokenizer"

I ll be able to provide any more information if needed.

At the sametime icu_collation works on the same index.

Can you describe all the steps?

How do you install the plugin?
Do you restart?

All REST calls...



We copy the jar related to the plugin into the plugins/analysis-icu directory.
After this we bring up elasticsearch

We dont use the /bin/plugin to install, as copying the jar worked for us, for previous versions of the same plugin and elasticsearch combination.

That can not work. You need to download the zip file and extract all its content.


Does that.

Is this a new change with 1.7.1, because i have elasticsearch 1.5.4 running in our production system with analysis-icu 2.5, and it followed the same steps as above

i did the following

  1. shutdown elasticsearch
  2. install plugin
    ./bin/plugin --install elasticsearch/elasticsearch-analysis-icu/2.7.0
    and still end up with same error when i call analyze
  3. restart elasticsearch
  4. from kopf try to run a analyze

[2016-01-23 10:57:12] {"method":"POST","transformRequest":[null],"transformResponse":[null],"url":"https://host:9200/cd-search-v3/_analyze?analyzer=tokenized","data":"aaa","params":{},"headers":{"Accept":"application/json, text/plain, /","Content-Type":"application/json;charset=utf-8"}}
[2016-01-23 10:57:12] REST API output:
[2016-01-23 10:57:12] {"error":"NoClassDefFoundError[Could not initialize class]","status":500}

May be it was shaded but I doubt it worked.

Can you post the exact request you sent?

Also could you try with elasticsearch 2.1.1?

Exact request for what ?
I dont have the code pulled down for 2.1.1, its gonna take a while to get to 2.1.1. Right now we have to work with 1.7.1

I'd like to see the request which corresponds to:

from kopf try to run a analyze

And I'm not saying that you must upgrade. I'm just asking if you could try on a dev laptop the same with 2.1. It would help.

I got the issue, i had lucene-analyzer-icu in two places, which caused the jvm to go haywire when loading the class

Thanks for the help.