ICU Plugin in 6.x

In the 6.x breaking changes documentation it's stated that indices created in the previous major version (i.e 5.x) need to be re-indexed in order to benefit from the changes to the ICU plugin. Referenced here.

Am I reading this correctly? Is it a must to re-index if some fields use the ICU-Plugin? What happens to fields analyzed with ICU if I do not re-index?

Anyone can shed some light on this?

I guess what written there says that you need to reindex indeed. @jimczi might tell more.

I am not keen on re-indexing again this year, just did that last year and my indices have grown 10 folds since I last re-indexed so I really wanna postpone this til ES 7.X.

What I want to know is what to expect when I don't re-index. It says and I quote "Indices created in the previous major version will need to be reindexed in order to return correct (and correctly ordered) results"

What does it mean by incorrect results? Is it related to character folding?

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