Identify change in a field value

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I am trying to evaluate elasticsearch for an analytics use case. The data
is the logs generated by an ordering application. Below is a very
simplistic representation of the logs generated.

doc1 : Contains sales man details -> {salesman:'S1',agency:'The
doc2 : Contains the data about the current stock -> {salesman:'S1',
customerName:'Retailer', productname:'shoe', quantity:20,
timestamp:'2014/06/18 10:00:00'}
doc3 : Contains data about new stock (Indicated by later timestamp and an
updated quantity) -> {salesman:'S1', customerName:'Retailer',
productname:'shoe', quantity:40, timestamp:'2014/06/18 11:00:00'}

Doc2 and doc3 have the same structure. We need to identify the change in
quantity and measure the sale of a given product on a given day and
aggregate based on various parameters and analyze.
What would be the best way to approach this?


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