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(Jeff Bursik) #1

Is there a way to determine if the field's value contains any upper case?

For example, I have 2 documents with field name. Doc1 = { name: jeff }. Doc2 = { name = Jeff}. I only want Doc2 returned since the "J" is capital.


(David Pilato) #2

Change the default analyzer to a custom analyzer which does not apply a lowercase token filter. Or use a keyword data type.

(Jeff Bursik) #3

Maybe I didn't state my question correctly, or I'm just not sure how an analyzer would be used here but I'm looking for a query like:

GET _search
"name.keyword": "contains caps"

I'm not sure how an analyzer would help with that?

(Jeff Bursik) #4

After some more trial, found a regex query to do what I'm looking for:

      "regexp": {
        "name.keyword": "(.*[A-Z].*)"

(David Pilato) #5

I see. If this is a one shot only operation than your method is OK.
If this is something you are going to run every time, I'd suggest that you compute something like a boolean containsUpperCase that you compute at index time and then just query it.

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