If the file is deleted, delete from the ElasticSearch index

I'm trying to make a piece of code that will be responsible for deleting an indexed file from the elasticsearch index, I pass with the indexed file md5(file name), to the id value. It is necessary to make sure that when deleting a file from a folder, the deletion code by id (md5) is executed. I wrote part of the script, but I understand that it is incorrect because if there is no file, then md5 will not be created, please help)


      $path = __DIR__ . ("/uploads/Арне.pptx");
      $filename = basename($path);
      $md5 = md5_file($path);
      print($md5); //Передаю переменную md5 в 'id' индексации elasticsearch 

//echo 'MD5-хеш файла ' . $filename . ': ' . md5_file($path);

      if (empty(md5_file($path))) {//Провожу проверку, если md5 не совпадает с именем файла в папке
          $params = [ //Произвожу удаление индекса из ES
            'index' => 'bower',
            'id' => $md5
            $respose = $client->delete($params);
      } else {
            echo '' .  '  есть, файл существует';


You can close the topic, the issue is resolved. Solved the problem: Iterating over the array in the uploads folder, and iterating over the elasticsearch array id, then used array_diff, compared the arrays to exclude files that are not in the uploads folder, but they were in the elasticsearch index

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